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Coast Guard Helping Icebreaker Reach Fuel-Stricken Alaska City

Discussion in 'Military News' started by kwflatbed, Jan 9, 2012.

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      AP/U.S. Coast Guard
      Jan. 6, 2012: The Coast Guard Cutter Healy breaks ice around the Russian-flagged tanker Renda 250 miles south of Nome. The Healy is the Coast Guard's only currently operating polar icebreaker. The vessels are transiting through ice up to five-feet thick in this area. The 370-foot tanker Renda will have to go through more than 300 miles of sea ice to get to Nome, a city of about 3,500 people on the western Alaska coastline that did not get its last pre-winter fuel delivery because of a massive storm.
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska – A Coast Guard icebreaker is cutting a path through icy seas for a Russian tanker carrying much-needed fuel for the iced-in Alaska city of Nome.
    The 370-foot ship, hauling more than 1.3 million gallons of fuel, is scheduled to arrive later Monday or Tuesday. It was less than 190 miles away on Saturday.
    Video and still photo images released by the Coast Guard show the two vessels moving steadily through ice jammed seas.
    "They're navigating through ice right now, taking a direct route for now," said Jason Evans, the CEO of Sitnasuak Native Corp, one of the companies undertaking the delivery. "They considered going through patches where there might be thinner ice, but determined that that would have taken them on a longer route."
    The city of about 3,500 people on the western Alaska coastline normally gets fuel by barge. But it didn't get its last pre-winter fuel delivery because of a massive storm and it could run out of crucial supplies before spring.

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    Go Coasties
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      Jan. 13, 2012: The Coast Guard Ice Breaker Healy breaks ice in the Nome Harbor.
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska – A Russian tanker with a cargo of much-needed fuel for Nome was moored less than a half mile from the Alaska town's iced-in harbor Sunday morning, holding for disturbed ice to refreeze before crews can finish work to deliver the fuel, the Coast Guard said.
    The U.S Coast Guard Cutter Healy, which cleared a path through hundreds of miles of Bering Sea ice for the tanker, was nearby.
    "We were able to successfully navigate that last bit of ice," Coast Guard spokesman Kip Wadlow said. "We were able to get it pretty much right on the money, in the position that the industry representatives wanted to start the fuel transfer process."

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    I hope 5-0 got a snuggie for Chrstmas, looks pretty chilly.
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