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CO I 2018

Discussion in 'Corrections' started by Dj112, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. sf07

    sf07 New Member

    I Had my interview on the first day they were having them on April 1st. The next day the investigator was at my house and had all my references checked already. I was told it’s a long process because all it takes is a few people not to have there stuff together. I wouldn’t sweat it just yet!
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  2. MassBorn

    MassBorn New Member

    Current academy has two weeks left while the next training class is in July. Also there’s another test coming up, hiring frenzy is in full effect.

    Good luck to those in the hiring process at the moment if it all works out you’ll be in the academy in July.
  3. axc1155

    axc1155 MassCops Member

    So academy is 8 weeks ?
  4. yellowlabs68

    yellowlabs68 MassCops Member

    The current academy going on is 8 weeks and the previous one that started last year was also 8 weeks. The academy for the DOC has been as short as 6 weeks, and as long as 12 weeks in the past. If I'm not mistaken, prior to the 2018 academy there hadn't been one in over 3+ years.

    There's a current civil service list that was just updated roughly 2 weeks ago (they removed all applicants from the last test, or at least the ones in the current academy), and the list has around 950 people. That list will be used for the upcoming academy in July. The written exam that took place today (4/13/19), will be used for the next academy after the July academy. There is also another civil service test being offered currently, which people can still sign up for as far as I'm aware.

    Lots of hiring! Best of luck to all taking the civil exam, or involved in the current hiring process. Our current academy has 2 weeks left as @MassBorn mentioned, the time goes by quick!
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  5. Bananaman

    Bananaman MassCops Member

    Even though there's 950 on the current list, they will probably make it all the way to the bottom
  6. FPFC2

    FPFC2 MassCops Member

    They did. That why there is a test in April and June.
  7. Bananaman

    Bananaman MassCops Member

    There's a test in June as well?
  8. NG1992

    NG1992 MassCops Member

    Am curious about this as well. Had no idea.

    Just went and looked, its for Correctional Officer/Head Cook. 2019 Correction Officer/ Head Cook
  9. FPFC2

    FPFC2 MassCops Member

    No, my bad. Its a CO/ Head cook exam. I glanced a few weeks ago. But yeah the current list has been exhausted. This list will be certified in Sept, right around when the July academy graduates
  10. axc1155

    axc1155 MassCops Member

    They said two weeks so hopefully this week I'll get a call.
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  11. axc1155

    axc1155 MassCops Member

    Have a question for the current graduating class. When you guys received the site of your assignments, are any so far away you'd have to move or not take the job ? I know they station you where they need you but do they use where you live at all? Does doing better on the CC test and academy do anything to help with placement preference ?
  12. yellowlabs68

    yellowlabs68 MassCops Member

    The assignments are based on where you live. However plenty of us got sent to institutions that are much farther than where we could of been sent. For example, a recruit might live 20 minutes from one prison, but gets sent to one that is 3x that distance. The average distance for the recruits seems to be 20min to an hour.

    They try to do the best they can, but you should absolutely be ready for a commute that is over an hour. It's also not a permanent location, after your 9 month probationary period is up, you can put your name on the transfer list. When your name is selected, you can go to that prison.
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  13. knucklehead

    knucklehead MassCops Member

    Good luck to everyone who graduates today! Don’t go out after being released and go to a bar and get drunk, a DUI WILL cost you your job on Monday when you show up for institutional training. Trust me, I saw it first hand.

    A little advice... Don’t fuck the cons. Don’t lug for the cons. Keep your head on a swivel. Ask questions if you don’t know how to do something or don’t understand something. “Respect” goes both ways. Listen to your FTO. Don’t fall for “bring your phone/radio/fire extinguishers to the Captains office”. Most of all, if you work with a partner watch their back.
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  14. wrangler

    wrangler MassCops Member

    And sign up for Def Comp
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  15. axc1155

    axc1155 MassCops Member

    Congrats ! Hope to be there soon. Psyche test in a couple weeks.
  16. doc1126

    doc1126 MassCops Member

    Yes, Yes , and Yes !!!!!!!!
    Probably the best advice on this thread so far !!!!!!
  17. Bananaman

    Bananaman MassCops Member

    ^^this. Few can retire on 50% without some extra money saved up. Sign up for long term disability too.

    Also, don't complain about the holidays you have to work or days off you cant win in the book. No one feels bad for you and you sound entitled when you whine about it.
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  18. Jrod6

    Jrod6 MassCops Member

    Deff comp is that the smart plan?
  19. doc1126

    doc1126 MassCops Member

    It's your own tax deferred private retirement account (403b, etc.).
    It'll be nice pocket change in 25-30 years when the state (excuse me, commonwealth) and social security run out of cash ;)
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  20. Bananaman

    Bananaman MassCops Member

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  21. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    Deferred compensation is a great plan . Just pretend that money doesn't exist until you're age 59 1/2

    Pull it out any sooner and you get totally smoked .
  22. Bananaman

    Bananaman MassCops Member

    I've read that if you are still working you have to wait until 59 1/2 but if you retire at 55 you can withdraw it without a penalty
  23. 53019

    53019 MassCops Member

    The only thing that's different between pulling the money out before 59.5 and after is the 10% principal penalty. You're going to pay the tax man either way, but the 10% penalty before 59.5 will take 10% of the principal amount that is in the account.
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  24. Bananaman

    Bananaman MassCops Member

    That is unless you retire before 59 1/2, then you can withdraw it without the penalty at 55
  25. 53019

    53019 MassCops Member

    Yeah you're right, 401Ks and IRAs will always have the 10% penalty before 59.5 but in a case like retiring before 59.5 on a deferred plan there's an exception

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