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CLINTON THE CONDOM,,91059-13442533,00.html

Bill Clinton may have been a smoothie as a politician but he's now proving to be the
ultimate contraceptive in China.

The ex-US president and the woman he had a fling with, Monica Lewinsky, have found
their surnames being used on a new brand of condoms.

The Guangzhou Haokian Bio-science company has registered their names as
trademarks for the contraceptives.

They will be given the Chinese spellings of their names - Kelitun and Laiwensiji.

Befitting his former status as the world's most powerful man a pack of 12 Clintons will
be the more expensive of the brands, costing the equivalent of just over £2.
Enjoying the use of a dozen Lewinskys will cost around £1.20.

The manufacturer's general manager, Liu Wenhua, said he was not afraid that using the
two names would get him into trouble.

He said they were the "trademarks of two foreign surnames and can't be seen as a
violation of rights".

lol how come he is more expensive than her !
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