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CJIS Broker????

Discussion in 'Dispatch / Communications' started by Sgt Jack, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Sgt Jack

    Sgt Jack Subscribing Member

    Anyone on here familiar with all this CJIS Broker stuff that supposedly coming online soon? As our agencies CJIS back up rep I have no clue as to what the hell all this crap is (Yes I know I should). I found a dated letter in my mail box about it last week. Could some here explain it to me in plain fucking English because all the information on the DCJIS website seems to be in techno speak about what needs to be done if anything. Thanks..
  2. control

    control MassCops Member

    It has to do with how third party programs talk to CJIS. Your CAD/RMS vendor should be more concerned than you need to be, unless your department has a custom interface. They are the ones who will have to make the changes to adapt, nothing in your station should change.

    If your using IMC, the new broker will replace the LAN and should make it more stable. They've had it in the works for a while, but were holding off release until some bigger departments were ready.
  3. Sgt Jack

    Sgt Jack Subscribing Member

    Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like it shouldn't impact us as our CAD/RMS, Open Fox, and Single Sign are all separate.

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