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Published: August 01, 2008 05:01 am ShareThisPrintThis
Civil Service board: Marblehead firing of reserve cop OK
By Alan Burke
Staff writer

MARBLEHEAD - The state Civil Service Commission has upheld the town's decision to fire reserve police officer Brian Palmer.
"The Appellant's employment history is so unstable and disjointed, it is understandable that employers and investigators for a police agency would have concerns," wrote hearing officer John Guerin Jr.
Brian Palmer, the son of former Marblehead Chief of Police John Palmer, was fired in April 2007 as a result of gaps in his résumé and unexplained absences at a previous job as a guard at Middleton Jail. He was terminated from his position there in December 2000.
Palmer was appointed as a permanent intermittent patrol officer for Marblehead in 1999.
After questions were raised about his work history, Palmer ceased to be called to duty, however. Moreover, he was bypassed whenever reserve officers were hired for full-time positions. He appealed that treatment to the commission.
"(The sheriff's office) said I was abusing sick time," Palmer told the selectmen at a 2004 hearing. He admitted to several absences from the jail. But Palmer strongly defended taking six days off after the birth of his child as a necessary family commitment. Some other sick days involved hospitalization, he said.
The commission embraced the view of former police Chief Jim Carney, who became Marblehead's top cop in 2000.
For example, according to Carney, Palmer had claimed employment from November 1992 at Signature Mortgage, a fact that, according to a police background check, seemed to "misrepresent the Appellant's length of employment."
Carney reported conversations with former employers of Palmer who he said had given negative reports. One man pleaded that Palmer should not become a police officer. The now retired chief also testified that there is no personal pique involved in his treatment of Brian Palmer, recalling that he had a very cordial relationship with his former boss, John Palmer.
Assistant Town Counsel Marc Miller was asked why the selectmen did not simply fire Palmer as recommended by Carney years before. According to the report, Miller replied that the board hoped he would resign and avoid another black mark on his employment history.
According to Guerin, "Chief Carney was forthright in stating that he had, by at least 2003, formed a 'mental equation' that was negative toward the appellant's future success as a full-time police officer due to the enormous responsibilities incumbent on a police officer."
His client has found other work, said Palmer's attorney, Neil Rossman.
"And I don't think this forecloses him as far as being a police officer. ... It might not be in Marblehead."
Disappointed by the commission ruling, Rossman added that his client is considering whether he should appeal it further.
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