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We are getting it, already have the computer equipment just waiting to get the time to set it up with the company. A little upset with them, pay $44,000 for the system and they provide you with cheap equipment accessories. They included a $49 printer with the package. Must be really expensive software.

I will let you know when we move forward with the installation.

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Thanks Gil. I was asked by my Chief to be the town-wide administrator for the system (we are allowing the DPW, schools, etc. direct limited access for their needs, so dispatch can concentrate on their own duties). We are getting the system installed on the 30th, with training scheduled for July 1-2.

Going to be fun trying to get the unorganized 20,000+ telephone numbers from Verizon into the system... I have been told that they are not in a standard format, incompatible with CityWatch as-is. Yay, this could be fun! :roll:

Holler back if you have any stories to share once it gets going.

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