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By Brian Fraga
Standard-Times staff writer
October 22, 2008 6:00 AM

NEW BEDFORD - Detectives arrested a city man Tuesday and charged him with stealing thousands of dollars worth of copper tubes by charging them to a Plymouth plumbing company.
Kevin Godek, 27, of 173 Bolton St. made $10,000 by redeeming the copper tubes at a local scrap metal company, court records said.
Detectives arrested Mr. Godek on Tuesday afternoon after seeing him receive a shipment of copper from F.W. Webb. Mr. Godek had arranged to receive the shipment behind the former Hawthorne Medical Offices in Dartmouth.
Mr. Godek was arraigned in New Bedford District Court on five counts of larceny of more than $250 by false pretense.
The district attorney's office did not request bail for Mr. Godek because he does not have a lengthy criminal record and police said he was "forthcoming" and "very remorseful."
"We will prosecute the case vigorously, but it does not appear this defendant is a flight risk," said Gregg Miliote, a spokesman for the Bristol County District Attorney's Office.
Judge Bernadette Sabra released the defendant on personal recognizance and ordered him to return to court Jan. 9.
According to court records, Mr. Godek admitted to detectives that he ordered copper wires from F.W. Webb in New Bedford and Robinson Supply Co. in Fall River on several occasions this year.
Mr. Godek told police he charged the shipments to Plymouth-based Dan Maybruck Plumbing and Heating, a company he worked for in 2000, court records said.
Mr. Godek said he got the idea from another former Dan Maybruck employee who also placed orders on the company's account because the company would not receive the bills for several months.
Detectives began investigating the case after a F.W. Webb manager contacted police Monday to report that a man who identified himself only as "Michael" had placed an order for copper wires.
The man requested that the wires be delivered to his "safe house" at 570 Hawthorn St. in New Bedford. However, that building is in Dartmouth, and it is abandoned.
"Michael" told F.W. Webb that he was placing the order on behalf of Dan Maybruck. However, the F.W. Webb manager contacted Dan Maybruck, which told him the company did not employ a "Michael" and that it had not done any recent business in the New Bedford area, court records said.
F.W. Webb officials told police Detective Scott Brown that "Michael" called often, and usually gave one-hour notice before delivery, court records said.
Police Detectives William Sauve, Shane Reul and Sgt. Paul Demers set up surveillance at the Hawthorn Street location that F.W. Webb agreed to meet "Michael" just before 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.
The detectives observed the F.W. Webb delivery truck arrive, followed by a blue Range Rover that drove around back of the building. When the suspect signed for the delivery, detectives arrested him.
Mr. Godek told police he worked for Dan Maybruck in 2000. He said he transported the copper in his pickup truck to area local scrap metal companies, where he redeemed it for cash.
In other cases, Mr. Godek used the stolen supplies to perform work, said New Bedford police spokesman Lt. Jeffrey P. Silva.
"This is one of the countless examples where, had this person concentrated his efforts and energies into being compliant rather than being criminal, he might have been able to achieve something more meaningful other than being another name on the arrest log," Lt. Silva said.
Mr. Godek said he did not cut up the 10-foot sections of copper pipe nor remove it from its packaging before redeeming it. He said no scrapyard worker asked him about the copper, court records said.
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