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By Herald News Staff

Posted Nov 07, 2008 @ 07:16 PM

New Bedford -
A Fall River man was arrested after he allegedly followed a Swansea woman to her work here with the intent to pick her up for sex, police said.
Jose Barboza, 46, of 74 Kellogg St., is charged with accosting a member of the opposite sex and felony assault with intent to rape.
Police spokesman Lt. Jeffrey Silva said Barboza allegedly began following the 20-year-old woman on Interstate 195 in the Westport area Thursday.
The woman had got on the highway in Swansea after leaving her home to go to work in New Bedford.
"She said he was coming alongside her vehicle, winking and blowing kisses at her," Silva related. "When she'd speed up, he'd speed up. When she'd slow down, he'd slow down."
When she stopped her vehicle in New Bedford, she told police that he pulled his pickup truck so close alongside her driver's side door that she was unable to get out of the vehicle, Silva said.
Instead of dialing 911 on her cell phone for police, she called her workplace, Silva said, and an operator there relayed the information to police.
When officers confronted Barboza, Silva reported, he told them that he thought he knew the woman. Silva said police got little information from the woman because she was "very shaken."
When detectives interviewed the suspect, Silva said, "It came to light that he was trying to pick her up for sex."
Police were concerned about a possibility the suspect was involved in similar alleged actions in the past.
"The sergeant in the Domestic Violence Unit thought that because this incident was so brazen, he may have done something like this in the past," Silva explained.
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