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(San Francisco, California) The headquarters for the Cindy Sheehan campaign was attacked about 3 AM on October 30th. All the front windows were shattered and a computer was stolen. The offices were unoccupied at the time of the incident.

On October 13th, the Cindy for Congress campaign issued a statement chronicling a series of unusual events, including threats of violence. Staffers contend that anytime Sheehan confronts Nancy Pelosi, her opponent for California's 8th Congressional District, "something horrible happens."

It's not known who the specific perpetrators were but I'm guessing they weren't Christian Republicans.

I wondered about how this story turned out, and I did a quick search.

According to Wikipedia:

Sheehan lost the 2008 election to U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. According to the California Secretary of State, Sheehan came in second, in a four way race, with 31,445 votes (16.8%).

Maybe now this whack job will put herself in a mental institution for some much-needed help? I doubt it, but it would be great if she'd just go the heck away.
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