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Chopper shocks shoppers

Romanian shoppers were shocked when a helicopter landed between cars
in a supermarket car park.

The light helicopter dropped off two men who went into the Real
supermarket in Bacau and came back an hour later to pick them up again.

Eyewitness Georgeta Stoica, said: "That thing just landed there, no
security or protection, nothing.

"It was really windy outside and the helicopter could have easily hit the
electric poles or wires. Who knows what could have happened?"

Radu Bondar, the head of the airport in Bacau said the landing was legal
only if the pilot had the permission of the supermarket.

But Romanian civil aviation laws say light helicopters are not allowed to
land in populated areas without precaution measures.

Adrian Enescu, who works near the supermarket, said: "It's the third time
I've seen people coming shopping in their helicopters. I heard they are
important persons but I think they're a little snobbish too."

The incident was filmed by an amateur cameraman who sent the film to a
local television station.

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