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Chicago police found a gun in the car of a man arrested Tuesday near Barack Obama's home, though the U.S. Secret Service insisted the man never posed a threat to the Democratic presidential candidate.
The apparently intoxicated man wasn't armed when he was arrested as he approached security barriers posted with no-access signs a block from the home in the South Side neighborhood, said Chicago police spokesman Daniel O'Brien.
Police later searched his nearby car and found the gun, O'Brien said.
The man's name wasn't immediately released because he hadn't been charged, and U.S. Secret Service spokesman Malcolm Wiley said it did not appear the man would face federal charges. O'Brien said city police were still considering charges Tuesday.
Both Chicago police and Secret Service agents continued to question the man Tuesday afternoon.
Wiley said the man did not utter any threats against Obama or make any threatening gestures before his arrest, and he never breached the outermost perimeter of multiple security layers.
"There are probably hundreds of people a day who are in, near or at that checkpoint (around Obama's house) who have a weapon in their car that they're not supposed to have," he said. "Even with the knowledge of that, our information that we received did not make him any more of a threat."
Obama was believed to be home at the time, though Wiley declined to confirm whether he or his family was present. Obama left the house later in the day to take a flight to Florida, where he will be preparing for Friday's presidential debate.
O'Brien did not immediately provide other details, including what specific actions the man took that prompted his arrest.

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