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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department announced Wednesday it has fired an officer who shot a suspect at a Charlotte gas station in May.
The CMPD review board determined that shooting did not meet the department's guidelines so Officer J.S. Curlee was fired from the force Tuesday.
Curlee shot Guy Cabral at a Shell station off Central Avenue after another officer reported Cabral and another man were passing drugs in the front of a car. That officer and Curlee ordered Cabral to put his hands in sight and remove the keys from the car.
They said Cabral refused, and after shouting orders several times, Curlee fired one shot at Cabral. He was hit in the arm and chest and taken to the hospital. He has since recovered.
CMPD's policy is that officers may only use deadly force if it is necessary to defend him or herself from danger, to prevent a person from escaping who the officer believes will use a deadly weapon or to prevent the escape of someone who threatens the safety of others.
In this case, the CMPD review board felt none of those guidelines were met and, therefore, the shooting was not justified.

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