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Charities lament loss of reserve deputy corps

Discussion in 'Sheriffs' started by Bloodhound, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Bloodhound

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    Middlesex Sheriff Peter Koutoujian is disbanding an unpaid reserve unit of deputy sheriffs — a move he said reduces taxpayers’ liability, but which has also raised concerns among charities who use the officers as free police details for hundreds of benefit races and rides.

    Koutoujian ordered the Middlesex reserve unit, known as the Uniform Reserve Deputy Sheriffs, disbanded as of Nov. 1.

    “The potential liabilities for the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office and the taxpayers, I believe, are too great to continue beyond current commitments,” Koutoujian said. “In evaluating how we most effectively and appropriately carry out our primary responsibilities at the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office, we determined after much thought and deliberation that the Uniformed Division does not meet the criteria of either our correctional or law enforcement missions.”

    Middlesex is the last volunteer uniform division associated with any sheriff’s office in the state. Other sheriff’s offices had previously disbanded their unpaid organizations, according to the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office.

    “It’s a huge impact on people like me and other organizations that run events,” said Donald Broza, a Vietnam Navy vet who used the reserve deputies on two charity motorcycle rides to benefit a Woburn veterans group and disabled and limbless veterans this year. “Every dime that’s raised for those events go directly to the organizations. It would really dig into what we’re able to donate to the causes if we had to have paid police details.”
  2. Killjoy

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    Really? What "academy"? This is all news to me. When was the last time at any event did any of these volunteers perform any actual police function, other than ride around on motorcycles playing cop?

    The Boston Herald continues its assault on police details by casting police officers as soulless hacks who steal money from charities, never mind that many departments assist charities, funerals, and other events for nothing. So a Sheriff makes a responsible decision removing these unqualified police cosplayers from the road and now police departments are the bad guys?
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  3. pahapoika

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    Don't remember those guys doing allot.

    They have regular deputies that work the jail. Believe most would rather make the O/T inside than work road jobs, but i'm sure some will help out if needed.
  4. MiamiVice

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    Did a few escorts for m/c rides with these guy's. They were all very pleasant, but very odd. Can anyone imagine spending $20k to buy your own police Harley, and buy your own uniform, boots, breeches, etc, to do free escorts. Oh ya gas, insurance, tax, title, reg.... it's insane, basically was a club for rich wannabes, again all very polite, but goofy. I belive I recall a "colonel" and a "major" on the last escort. .
  5. MiamiVice

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    Oh and you'd see these guys on all black Harleys, with MSCSD graphics, the white bikes are owned by the dept, speaking off that did an escort that ending in Framingham once where the former sheriff rolled up on a dept. Bike and dumped it in the parking lot...........ugh stay in the jails
  6. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound MassCops Member

    Yup! There's one in the town where I live. His house is worth about 3 mil, and he's been known to flash his badge with unfortunate consequences.

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