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Ch90 citations requests

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Has any municiple police department or college police department having trouble with requesting new Ch90 /Mass uniform citations from the registry? I have left messages since Septeber with a new request for citations books but no response. I was wondering if this was being experienced by other department. Thank You in advance!
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Attention: Community and State Colleges The registry of Motor Vehicles are not issuing State Colleges any Chapter 90 violations anymore. They are allowing the Sate Colleges to finish the rest of their citations they already have. Spoke with RMV and that was the information they gave me.
I hope to get specifics on why!
Mikey682 said:
I have a feeling a CC or SC officer stopped the wrong son/daughter of the RMV Administrater :musicboo:
You maybe correct in this assumption!!
I spoke with RMV last week and this was the excuse given!

Sir we can not issue new ch90/uniform citation because you have a Director and not a Chief in charge of your department. Apparently there has been an internal memo written to RMV staff to exclude re-issuing citations to state college and community college police department who have a director rather than a chief governing body of said police department.
dh18 you are correct

also Chapter 90C Sec2 they quoted in their excuse!! Tomahawk it also talks about the state police colonel as having same said powers as does a chief of a city and town. The strange thing is the RMV never sent us a letter stating no re-issuing of the citations which make me believe that it was done in spite.
do you have federal statue motor vehicle tickets you write!!? I am almost sure the US Park Rangers write MVCI under federal statue in accordance with MGL Chpt 85, 89. 90
Looks like State and Community Colleges will have to print up their own uniform citation books. Spoke to my Senate Reps legal department and under 15A Sec 22. Sate and Community College have that right.
Its been confirmed no reissuing of RMV Citation booklets to any! State and Community College will be reissued per order by Ms. Kimberly Hinden Registrar of RMV. My department has spoken to the Senate president office and they are in the works of proposing an amendment to ch90C Sec1/6 to include State and Community Colleges. We will see what happens and what police unions will try to oppose this and screw us on this issue.
H50 said:

I think this could be challenged. My understanding is that Bridgewater State College PD did get the new books with no problem. Before I left Massasoit I went to Randolph RMV Depot and got 100 books of K series with no problem. The title at Massasoit was Police Chief, not Director so that problem would be solved easily. I know that state and community colleges may print their own tickets but the problem was with the courts and RMV as the tickets that are printed for the state and community colleges have full power as 90 books. So in order to avoid all this confusion and nonsense it was agreed to use the RMV issued books. You should call them back and expalin the powers under the trustees and some of the case law. I would definitely appeal the decision.
Accually the title of chief or Director was not the problem it is who is allowed to be issued uniform citations in Chpt 90C Sec 6 which does not include state and community colleges. I spoke with a paralegal out of Senator Creedan's office and rumor is this all started from Brockton District Court a magistrate there called the RMV registrar complaining about state colleges having no right to be issued uniform citations. Again lower level judges making case law and in this case not even a judge a mere magistrate. Any ways State Senate President Travelini's (spelling not sure of) has got word of it and we will have to take it from there and see what happens.

Word has it that there is only about 6 to 10 state and community colleges regularly enforcing chpt90.
DC813 said:
Old School:
Your absolutely right. The standardization of training or lack of it is the number one problem in this state. Departments don't even closely resemble each other like cities and towns do. One college department is squared away and another is a joke. The same way the cities and towns must meet the minimum qualifications for Reserve/Full Time etc set forth by the MCJTC or MPI now, college departments should have to meet the same standard......not five different combinations of qualifications that eventually lead to some type of police warrant.
One department could have an officer that has attended the PI/SSPO/Full-Time academy working the road and a neighboring agency within miles could have someone with just a PI academy or NO Academy depending upon the school.
Things have to change in this state before campus policing as a whole is taken seriously.
Since we got a little of the topic here I feel the need to respond
I will agree with you to a certain point. Most college police departments will put their police officers through Reserve intermittent academy AS DO! cities and towns who hire ROs. Do I feel the RI Academies are adequate "hell no"! I personally had to go through the SSPO Academy which was a grueling academy. Colleges sometimes put their recruit through the SSPO Academy which is much more of a worthy academy then the RI Academy. Now to say, I as a college police officer is less qualified as a city/town RO is absurd yet you say we are less trained then a municipal police officer which is true to a full time police officer but NOT a Reserve Officer who has equal training to us. Yet nothing is ever mention by said department about their own RO's training. RO has much less training then an officer who has completed the SSPO and thats a fact. Some college police departments are squared away and some are not as squared away. yet again, some city/town police are squared away and some are not. Heck! I go to the in service training and I see police officers from different municipal agencies look like they they could nt handle a dog barking call let alone an arrest. There are some colleges in Massachusetts who see more action make more arrest then most city/towns in certain areas of Massachusetts. Yes a lot needs to be changed especially through the state legislators because most college administration wont budge otherwise but attitudes from local police need to change as well.
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Mikey682 said:
Regarding being denied Chapter 90 books for College Campuses:

Have any college PD's where your highest person in charge's title is "Director" and not "Chief", still run into trouble getting books? There is talk that the reason some depts werent issued books its becase of the title of the head guy. Chief's got
books, "DIrectors" didnt. Can any campus officers prove this true, or otherwise?
This rumor was/is not true! When I talked to the RMV rep in Randolph in charge of shipping out Ch90 Citations this is what the rep told me. I sent letters and talk to my senator who shockingly called me back and discovered that the RMV stop issuing Ch90 citations because colleges and most sheriffs were not mentioned in MGL Ch90c Sec 1+6 in being allowed to be issued said citations by the RMV. Any college interested in obtaining citations must go through their city or town chief's where the college resides to obtain them.
Last I heard was Bridgewater State, Bunker Hill Com College and several other state colleges were in the process of making their own ch90 citations which by statue the registry has to honor!
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