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Ch90 citations requests

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Has any municiple police department or college police department having trouble with requesting new Ch90 /Mass uniform citations from the registry? I have left messages since Septeber with a new request for citations books but no response. I was wondering if this was being experienced by other department. Thank You in advance!
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Chapter 90C: Section 1 Definitions

""Police chief'', the chief or the head of the organized police department of a city or town, the commissioner of public safety, the colonel of state police, the state superintendent of buildings, the chairmen of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, such person as the trustees of the University of Massachusetts shall appoint as chief of the police officers appointed under section thirty-two A of chapter seventy-five, such persons as the commissioner of mental health may designate at each institution of the department of mental health, or as the commissioner of mental retardation may designate at each institution of the department of mental retardation as chief of the special police officers thereat appointed under section fifty-nine of chapter twenty-two C or the chief of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority police department.
1 - 1 of 72 Posts
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