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The following message contains information shared among police departments and PSAPs interested in mobile data. Initial focus is on migration from CDPD to higher speed services from various cellular carriers (initially Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless, but others as they become available to public safety users). Input for this page is from larger departments that are members of the QED Users Group and include Cambridge, Newton, Arlington, Burlington, Medford, Somerville, Quincy, Lynn, Attleboro, Belmont, Malden, Stoneham, and others.

More information will be added here Data/Mobile Data Main.htm in the future.

Mobile Data Service Providers 4/29/04 GF

A. Competition is finally here: 9KB/sec CDPD service from Verizon Wireless is being shut down and three different higher-speed technologies from the 6 national cell carriers are here or coming:

1. CDMA-based systems (built on Qualcomm chips and technology) from Verizon Wireless and Sprint 2. GSM-based systems from AT&T Wireless, Cingular, and T-Mobile 3. Nextel's Data technology B. Each technology has a quick growth path to increasingly higher data-speeds and functionality

Now / Late 2004 / Later / Adoption
1. CDMA: 1XRTT / EVDO (Boston) / EVDV / US, Korea…
60K / 150-300K / 1.4MB

2. GSM / GPRS and EDGE / UTMS / Worldwide
60K and 120K / 1.4MB+

3. Nextel ? Wireless BB US

C. Considerations for police agencies

1. Be thoughtful in leveraging the advantage that competition brings public safety!
2. Purchasing options are more detailed and varied. The key here is real consideration of per MB plans over unlimited, pooling, and
3. Future-proof yourselves as much as possible to reduce the costs of transitioning to the higher speed offerings. Simple example: install a dual-band external antenna now so that when VZ offers EVDO at 1900 MHz you don't have to change out a 800/900 MHz-only antenna
4. Study the experiences of early adopters (e.g., Brookline getting first bunch of VZ 1XRTT Aircard 555's) to see how its going (are the AC-555's rugged enough? Does the little antenna get knocked off?
5. Whereas CDPD in NE was on a dedicated system; these services share backbone with voice users. For example, 1XRTT has no dedicated data channels at a site and no PS priority; you won't connect if the site is loaded…

D. The race between Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless

VZ says:

1. They are CJIS approved with Mobile IP
2. Can get free Sierra Wireless Aircard 555's if sign on for 3 years
(otherwise pay $200/ea.) NOTE: you can buy a Panasonic laptop with an inbuilt SB-555 card that will do Mobile IP
3. They plan to offer (Summer 2004) a $39.99/mo. plan that allows 60MB/mo service and fleet pooling
4. They plan to also offer 100MB with pooling at $49/mo.
5. They will not allow "overage-protection"
6. MP-555 modems are about $550/ea for public safety
7. EVDO service is to be offered in the Boston metro area in late 2004 (they are expanding to 10 more metro areas from San Diego and Wash DC)
8. More

Issues: How to upgrade to EVDO modems and what will it cost??
How to coexist with voice users
Need to install Antivirus clients on all laptops…
AT&TW says:
1. They will be CJIS approved with Mobile IP soon
2. Can get free Sierra Wireless MP-750 GPRS ruggedized modem if you give them a MP-200
NOTE: you can buy a Panasonic laptop with an inbuilt SB-750 card that will do Mobile IP
3. They plan to offer a $49.99/mo. Unlimited plan
4. EDGE is available now and its faster than 1XRTT
5. They are obviously eager to break into the market; thus are primed to offer good deals…

Issues: Need to get EDGE modems for free, or have good way to upgrade
MP-750 to EDGE technology
How to coexist with voice users
When is UTMS coming
Need to install Antivirus clients on all laptops…
Nextel says

1. They are close to CJIS-approval?
2. They have "Wireless Broadband" working in NC county


Found this thread while searching Google.

EVDO has matured tremendously over the last 8 months. We have a web site that is loaded with EVDO tips, news, product reviews, downloads and tons of information.

Stop by and take a look at

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The problem with the other vendors is waiting. CDPD is being shut down as of January 1,2006. We are in the middle of March and transition from CDPD to CDMA is a 3-4 month process. CJIS as far as I know,only approved Verizon at this time. We are transitioning to CDMA right now and the new modems are already in. I still think Verizon is your best bet as it has been around for quite a while and it's here now and ready to be used. The only expense we had is for the new antennas for the cars ($107 each) and the installs from TransCor. We are using AirLink CDMA Pinpoint GPS Modems trunk mounted modems, as we are using ATS GPS at the station.
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