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is getting wild in Lake Elsinore: "Taking advantage of a slump in local real estate, a family of bobcats has moved into a foreclosed Lake Elsinore home, lolling about on fences and walls and riveting an entire neighborhood."

More, from the L.A. Times' David Kelly:

Neighbors first noticed the feline squatters Aug. 27 hanging out on a side wall of the empty house in the Tuscany Hills development.... The foreclosed home is one of several on the block. Its lawn is brown but still being watered by the sprinklers. The house sits right up against barren, chaparral-covered hills.
At least two adult bobcats and perhaps a litter of young ones appear to be occupying the house. Residents have mixed emotions about their new neighbors.
Personally, I like this cat foreclosure story better than the story of Princess Chunk, the 44-pound New Jersey cat who was briefly homeless -- but apparently never hungry -- because of foreclosure.
On a more serious note, Lake Elsinore is teeming with foreclosed houses -- MDA DataQuick counted 425 foreclosures in Lake Elsinore in the second quarter of 2008.
That said, many of you are seeing the humor in this item. Here are some of the better comments you've added to this post:
SMRR wrote, "It's like that History Channel special, Life After People. Riverside's going to become the #1 wild animal park in the united states."
Gary in Marysville Michigan wrote, "Someone should notify the DEA. They could be guarding a major catnip growing operation."

Kosher Krab wrote, "Those bobcats are probably thinking of ways to sue the builder for that faulty stucco."
Bottomfisher wrote, "They could have easily qualified for a loan last they just squat."
sfvrealestate wrote, "I think these animals just got tired of trying to time the bottom of the market and decided to make the move."
notta wrote, "They'll be skinned by the lender just like all the rest of us...just wait !!"
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