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Cat killed for 'being a bully'

A MAN yesterday admitted strangling a neighbour's cat - because it was a bully.
Dougal Thorn, 42, punched and throttled two-year-old Chopper and hurled it against railings.

Thorn dumped the body in a river - then pretended to help its distraught owner look for her missing pet.
The graphic designer objected to Chopper sneaking into his home and bullying his landlady's cat Barney.

He said he "just flipped" when Chopper came in and knocked over a vase of flowers.

He accused the cat of "smirking" as it caused the damage.

Chopper's owner, radio DJ Sarah Booker, knocked on doors in Shoreham, West Sussex, seeking her pet -
and Thorn used a homing device linked to a receiver in Chopper's collar.

He later confessed killing the cat to shocked Sarah, 35, who owned Chopper along with her partner, Tom Walker, 34.

Thorn, now of Haywards Heath, told them: "I struck it with the back of my hand and knocked it out.
I grabbed it by the neck. It was almost like an out-of-body experience."
He told police Chopper was a bully that "kicks all the other cats around", Worthing magistrates heard.

Thorn, prosecuted by the RSPCA, admitted causing an animal unnecessary suffering, but avoided a jail sentence.

He was ordered to carry out 250 hours unpaid work and banned from owning animals for a year.

Outside court, Mr Walker said: "He deserved to go to prison."
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