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Dispatched 00:17, 4 hours at Sturdy Hospital for the arrestee and 1 hour at Rhode Island Hospital for the victim/passenger. Report submitted at 09:00. It amazing how long an OUI report takes.....

The two in the sandwich maker were buddies, the driver was such a good friend that he climbed over his unconscious buddy and fled the scene. (the scumbag was captured a few streets away covered in blood denying the operation of the vehicle.) He also questioned the credibility of the 5 witnesses that watched him pull his passenger from an upright position to climb over him and exit the vehicle. :x

By the way he will settle on having my badge by the end of today in lieu of the lawsuit against the city. :roll:

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Good job Gil! I never ceases to amaze me how there are so many innocent people out there. I wonder how all these things happen constantly, if all these people had nothing to do with it???? :cry:
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