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Car with STOWLN license plate stolen

A New Zealander is regretting his hilarious idea of getting his car a license plate that read 'STOWLN', after the car was actually stolen.

Nathan Attwood, of Christchurch, discovered that his Subaru Impreza WRX, complete with fate-tempting license plate, had been pinched on September 26.

Attwood explained how the car got its plates: 'A while back me and a group of friends were sitting around thinking up great names for personalised plates, and someone came up with STOWLN. When I got my car, I thought it would be hilarious to get the licence plate, so I bought it and put it on my car.'

'It was so funny, but I'm certainly not laughing now.'

Subaru Impreza WRXs are the second most stolen car in New Zealand, something that Attwood says he was well aware of when he bought it. He is now having to live with the mockery of his peers.

'My friends have all been giving my s**t about it as well, I don't think I will ever live it down,' he told
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