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The chief of the U.S. Capitol Police Department will testify before the Senate on Wednesday to face questions about his management of the force.
There have been several recent mishaps in the Capitol Police Department and Chief Phillip Morse has been under fire. Earlier this year, bomb squad officers failed to locate potential explosives in the pickup truck of a man near the Capitol who was found carrying a shotgun.
Last November, an officer was terminated after a series of mysterious restroom fires.
Most recently, as many as 15 officers -- one-third of a group at a training facility in Georgia -- were terminated because of problems revealed in their background checks.
Further fueling the controversy was a recent survey of Capitol Police officers that was critical of their leadership.
The online poll surveyed about 300 officers. More than 90 percent of respondents said that a lack of trust and miscommunication affects their ability to serve the U.S. Capitol.
The Senate appropriations committee is expected to make a ruling in the recent Capitol Police Department managerial mishaps.
The survey will be a part of the testimony submitted before the Senate ruling on Wednesday.

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