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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

“Yarmouth Police Participate in Multi-Agency Drug Distribution Ring Investigation and Arrests”

The Yarmouth Police Department participated in the successful multi-agency investigation that led to the arrest of 6 persons for cocaine distribution and the end of a high-level Cape Cod drug distribution group.

The arrests were made yesterday afternoon and evening and were announced today at a media conference conducted by the United States Department of Justice at Barnstable Police Headquarters in Hyannis.

The arrested persons are:

· Christopher T. Custer—18 Murphy Road—Hyannis, MA
· Carmen Figueroa—90 Sandwich Road—Bourne, MA
· Desiree Alves—299 Camp Street—West Yarmouth, MA
· William Tejada—1234 Boston Road—Bronx, NY
· Jennifer Pavao—153 Bacon Street—Hyannis, MA
· Catalin M. Canelo—New York, NY

The investigation is active and ongoing.

For any additional information—refer to the Press Release issued by the United States Attorney’s Office entitled CAPE DRUG RING TAKEN DOWN or contact Samantha Martin at the United States Attorney’s Office in Boston at 1-617-748-3139.

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That's GREAT news!

Nice to see a joint multi-level invest come to fruition! Kudo's to all involved personnel.
=D> =D>

BTW.........Where was NEMLEC? :sh:
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