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A career in Law Enforcement is very rewarding in many ways. It develops strong character and self discipline - qualities that give an individual great personal satisfaction. A person who chooses this profession becomes involved in his community, protecting and serving its citizens.
Applicants to the Canton Police department must be of good character and reputation. They will be subjected to intensive training and supervised testing to ensure they are suited to a career in Law Enforcement. They must be able to become part of a close-knit organization; one where people really depend upon one another.

If you feel you possess these qualities, take up the challenge of our motto, "To Protect - To Serve." Choose the Canton Police department as your future !!

We Are Selective In Our Hiring Process
To be considered, you must:

be 21 years old, but not yet 35

be a high school graduate (or have a GED equivalent)
Be a citizen of the United States or declared intention of
not be receiving a disability pension
have 20/20 vision corrected
be able to pass a physical agility test
pass a medical examination
interview with a Canton Police Command Supervisor
be morally sound
not have a Felony record
undergo a pre-employment psychological evaluation
pass a written and oral Civil Service examination
Extra consideration may be given by Civil Service for:

Prior Military experience
Certain College Degrees
Ohio Peace OfficersCertification

Residing in Canton

We Will Train You

You may attend a Police Academy for 14 weeks of intensive training. After you are on the force, you will be kept up-to-date with our continuous in-service training program.

Some of the training courses are:

Constitutional Law
Laws of Arrest-Search-Seizure
Criminal Law
Accident Investigation
Traffic Law
Emergency Care

Rules of Evidence
Local Ordinances
Firearm Ordinances
Firearm Instruction
Community Relations

Canton PD Benefits

Salary - $24,716 to start. Class A Patrolman earns $33,916, and it goes up from there, according to rank and regular wage increases.

Insurance - $20,000 Term Life Insurance Policy.

Longevity - Starts after third year of service at $60.00/year to a maximum of 25 years of service.

Uniform Allowance.

Retirement - 60% of your pay after 25 years of service at age 48.

Credit Union - All benefits of savings and personal financing in the Canton Police & Fire Credit Union Inc.

Sick Leave - Fifteen days per calendar year, no cumulative limit.

Holidays - Eleven per year. Plus one personal holiday on the day of your choice.

Vacation - 1 week after 10 months.
2 weeks after 2 through 5 years
3 weeks after 6 through 10 years
4 weeks after 11 through 15 years
5 weeks after 16 through 20 years
6 weeks after 21 through 25 years
7 weeks after 26 through 30 years
8 weeks after 31 through 35 years
How Far You Advance Is Up To You

You will be on probation until you have been on the force for (1) one year. During this time you will continue learning; and you may, decide to specialize. Specialty Units include the Traffic Division, the Canine Corps, the Narcotics Unit, And more ! Your own desire and the effort you put forth will determine how far you advance.

Promotion Is By Examination

Promotional examinations compiled by case Western Reserve Law School are given regularly by the Civil Service Commission.

These exams can lead you from Patrol Officer to:

Chief of Police
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