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This was posted in an animal rescue group forum:

Canine Officer needs help - Please write letters in support!!!

Please forward this to EVERYONE you know asking them to take just a
few minutes to help this K-9 Officer and his partner Trakr!!

How to help Jamie and Trakr.
We need everyone possible to help Jamie and Trakr by writing letters
to the following people. While he continues to need help with his
legal bills, we can all come together and insist that this police
department do the formal investigation that was requested by Jamie
long ago instead of drawing out the process (and the legal costs) by
trying to avoid the investigation. We must also tell them that the
euthanizing of healthy canine officers is senseless. These dogs
should be retired and allowed to live out their remaining life in

Summary: Constable Jamie Symington was placed on indefinite leave
because he fought the department's policy of destroying all canines
at the time of their retirement. Constable Symington refused to put
down his partner of 6 years - Trakr, a beautiful healthy, german
shepherd. Jamie was harassed, treated terribly by his superiors, and
shunned. During this leave, Jamie and Trakr went to the site of the
World Trade Center as volunteers and Trakr was able to find one of
the five only live victims in the first 24 hours after the towers
fell. He and Trakr made the news - they were heroes! But when his
department got the word, they forced Jamie to turn in his badge. Now
he is embroiled in a legal battle with the police department to stop
the policy of killing healthy canines when they are no
longer "useful" and to get a fair investigation into what he
terms "corrupt practices within the department". The whole story can
be read at along
with photos of Jamie and Trakr.

I personally urge you to write, fax or email all of the following
people. With all of us animal lovers standing together we can get
them to do the investigation and stop the killing of our hero dogs!
This hero needs our help! I know the power of the pen, and we can do
this!!! If you do not have time to write to everyone, you can post a
response on the AnimalHelp Forum at and I will
print out the responses and send them to each of these addresses.
Thank you!
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