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Canadian Paramedic Survives 4 Days in Wild after ATV Crash

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    The Canadian Press
    The Hamilton Spectator (Ontario, Canada)

    A paramedic used to saving the lives of others found himself having to eat rotten meat and fend off snarling animals to ensure his own survival in rough Alberta bush country.
    Ken Hildebrand of Fort McMurray was riding his all-terrain vehicle as he collected animal traps about 130 kilometres southwest of Calgary on Jan. 8 when the quad rolled after hitting a rock and trapped him underneath.
    Hildebrand, who has a weak leg due to polio, ended up face down on the ground with his ATV on his strong leg.
    "He was stuck there for four days and three nights -- almost 96 hours," said Troy Linderman, director of Crowsnest Pass emergency medical services. "It's amazing that he's alive. I can't believe it."
    Hildebrand kept himself alive -- albeit sick -- by eating the rotting meat of the animals he had collected.
    Coyotes were growling and fighting each other just feet away, but he was able to keep them at bay by constantly blowing a whistle he had with him.
    Badly dehydrated, he was finally found by a hiker last Wednesday in the fourth day of his ordeal.
    Now recovering in hospital and glad to be alive, he's been told he might lose his right foot to frostbite.

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