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Richard DeVries

A Canadian capitalist took stock of Boston when he went shopping for a hitman to kidnap and whack the international lawyer he claims stole $175 million of his fortune, federal prosecutors allege.
"Peter," the would-be Hub assassin who signed on to murder attorney Richard DeVries for $40,000 and make his death look like a fishing accident, was actually an undercover U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent.
A tape was secretly rolling last month when Peter met entrepreneur Nicholas "Nick" Djokich, 57, of Alberta, Canada, at Logan International Airport and impressed upon him the big game they were hunting "isn't like grabbing some guy, you know, here at Logan Airport and killing him in East Boston and leaving him in a barrel," according to an ICE affidavit.
Djokich allegedly wanted DeVries killed only after he was forced to wire back to him whatever was left of the $175 million.
It's alleged he bragged of having DeVries' business partner kidnapped and his thumb chopped off - though ICE could not substantiate that happened - and that he advised Peter, "If (DeVries) refuses and everything, (expletive), he's going to the fish. It's as simple as that."
Djokich and Canadian cabinet-maker Eginardo "Angelo" DeAngelis, 72, the pal alleged to have helped hatch the plot, are both in custody in Massachusetts awaiting detention hearings this week and next at U.S. District Court.
Both face life imprisonment if convicted of conspiracy to commit the murder of DeVries, a corporate-finance and wealth-preservation attorney, and conspiracy to commit murder for hire. DeVries is a Canada national living in the Bahamas. Attempts to reach him have been unsuccessful.
Jeffrey Denner, who along with former federal prosecutor R. Bradford Bailey is defending Djokich, said, "In fact, he is the victim in this case."
Denner said the missing millions is investment money the "naive" Djokich and his wife hoped to put toward building a new church in their community.
"He's a wonderful guy," Denner said, "very distinguished, a family man right down the line."
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