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North Shore Community College Campus Police Department
Job Description:
Campus Police Officer III
Grade 19, AFSCME Unit Position
4:00 pm to midnight

To ensure and maintain a secure campus environment; provide protection and security of persons, facilities, and property; provide direct supervision of patrol officers; evaluate performance and recommend disciplinary action; perform administrative duties; patrol campus buildings and adjacent areas; enforces College and department policy, rules, regulations, and Massachusetts General Laws; provide emergency medical assistance; investigate crimes or other incidents; take appropriate legal action including making arrests when necessary; provide assistance to courts or grand juries in prosecution of cases; and perform related work as required.
The basic purpose of this work is to ensure and maintain a secure campus environment. This is a second-level supervisory position.
1. Supervise, assign work to and review the performance of law enforcement personnel.
2. Assume charge of police and security forces in the absence of superior officers; may also act as shift supervisor.
3. Plan and prepare work schedules.
4. Assist superior officers in the planning and preparation of force training and development.
5. Supervise investigations of crime incidents.
6. Determine action to be taken on assignments by approving equipment to be used; determining the disposition of contraband; organizing searches for missing persons; arranging for the transportation or escort of prisoners; and determining whether fingerprints meet FBI standards for legibility.
7. Provide on-the-job training to subordinates personally or through referral to law enforcement educational programs to develop their technical skills.
8. Perform related administrative duties such as maintaining liaison with administrative personnel; conducting staff meetings; maintaining records; authorizing overtime; preparing periodic reports; issuing tools, supplies and equipment; and operating data processing terminals, photographic equipment and audio-visual equipment.
9. Patrols assigned campus buildings and adjacent areas on foot or in a patrol vehicle to ensure the security of buildings, grounds and persons.
10. Guards against trespass, theft, damage to property or injury to individuals by screening visitors; inspecting rooms, packages and vehicles for explosives, firearms and other contraband; controlling crowds; providing personal protection to individuals as required; conducting surveillance of high-crime areas; searching for missing goods and persons; investigating complaints and reports of suspicious activity; mediating disputes; and inspecting buildings, grounds, fire lanes and emergency exits for compliance with safety standards to ensure campus security.
11. Exercises police powers by making arrests, searching prisoners, restraining violent persons, transporting persons under restraints and advising suspects of their constitutional rights to prosecute violators and to prevent further violations of law.
12. Investigates crimes, explosions and suspicious fires by interviewing witnesses, victims and others; preserves crime scenes and fire sites for examination by experts; and collects physical evidence to aid in locating and apprehending suspects and in preparing cases for prosecution.
13. Investigates traffic accidents on campus by operating breathalyzers and other chemical detection devices to determine liability and by measuring skid marks to determine vehicle speed at the time accidents occurred.
14. Assists the courts or grand juries by serving summonses, warrants and capiases; presenting evidence; testifying as witness; reporting case developments; and arranging for the appearance of witnesses to provide information necessary for the prosecution of cases.
15. Enforces campus traffic and safety regulations by directing traffic; assisting operators of disabled motor vehicles; assisting pedestrians in crossing streets; writing traffic tickets; inspecting licenses, permits and registrations for validity; and arranging for snow removal or sanding to ensure the orderly flow of traffic and prevent accidents.
16. Operates such equipment as two-way radios, teletypes, C.J.I.S. terminals, facsimile transmitters or receivers, base stations, public address systems, emergency medical equipment, office machines, and firearms.
17. Performs other related duties as required
Applicants are required to meet all of the qualifications for the CPO II position as stated in the Human Resource Division Classification Specification (on file in HR Office) in addition to the following qualifications:
• Applicants must have at least three years of full-time, or equivalent part-time experience in a governmental police force or in law enforcement work, one year of which must be in a supervisory capacity. Also requires an Associates Degree or Bachelor's Degree in criminal justice, law enforcement or political science preferred or a combination of the required education and experience.
• The applicant must have the ability to be sworn as a Special State Police Officer in accordance with Massachusetts General Law chapter 22C section 63.
• The applicant must have successfully completed the Special State Police Academy, an acceptable alternative academy, or have been grandfathered based on service time prior to the establishment of the Special State Police Academy.
• Must possess or have the ability to obtain a Firearm Identification Card under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140 Section 129B. Possession of a Massachusetts Class A or B License to Carry Firearms is a suitable alternative.
• Must possess a current valid Massachusetts class "D" operator's license or equivalent.
• Ability to pass a pre-placement physical after an offer of employment has been made.
The Human Resource Division Classification Specification for this position is available in the Human Resources Department.

Working Conditions: Campus Police Officers work under exposure to injury resulting from dangerous weapons, physical and verbal abuse and adverse weather conditions; may operate vehicles at high speed for pursuit or emergency response purposes; work with people under physical and/or emotional stress; work alone in isolated or high crime areas; walk and stand for prolonged periods of time; lift and carry heavy objects or persons; may travel for job related purposes; may be required to furnish private transportation for job-related travel for which mileage is reimbursed.

Additional Information:

CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECK: Criminal history checks and extensive background investigations are conducted on eligible candidates for Campus Police Officers positions.
SALARY: $866.55 per week ($45,060.60 per year). An appointment made from outside the bargaining unit (AFSCME) must start at step #1 of the range.

Application Instructions:

Please forward resume and cover letter indicating how your experience matches the qualifications for the position.

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The position requires a Class A or B LTC. So they're armed by carrying low capacity firearms?

You missed the FID Part.....We all know by now this makes a background check easier in their small minds. Couple this with MGL CH22C/s.63
being used by a State School erroneously instead of CH 73/s.18 and CH15A/s.22
But then again, what the fuck do I know about SSPO?
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