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Posting Title Campus Police Officer
Position Summary Information

Job Description Summary
Generally working under the supervision of a Police Sergeant, the Police Officer patrols the college campus to ensure protection and safety of the campus community, buildings, and property.
Essential Responsibilities
• Responsible for the enforcement and compliance with the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the policies, procedures and regulations of Babson College, consistent with the interests of protecting the lives, safety and property of the students, faculty, staff and visitors of Babson College.
• Makes every effort to prevent theft, vandalism, trespass, and other violations and will investigate and document all reports according to established Public Safety Department policies and procedures.
• Actively involved in Community Policing by providing a variety of services along with offering assistance and being a resource for members of the Babson College Community.
• Responsible for other duties such as traffic and parking enforcement, foot and mobile escorts, desk communications and dispatching, providing a safe and secure environment at special events on campus, and response to routine service and emergency calls.
• Participates in and delivers Crime Prevention programming.
• Provides testimony at criminal court proceedings and/or participates in the Babson College's Office of Community Standards internal process.
• May be responsible for training of other Public Safety personnel as necessary.
• Assumes additional responsibilities as required.
Minimum Experience
Minimum Level of Education Required An Associate's degree in Law Enforcement,
Criminal Justice or a related field is required.
Position Knowledge/Skills & Abilities Requirements:
• Police Officers must be a graduate of a full-time police academy certified by the Massachusetts Police Training Council; a Special State Police Officer Academy offered by the Massachusetts State Police or an approved Part-Time Intermittent Academy (242 hours) with the required educational degree in order to become a certified Special State Police Officer.
• Knowledge of modern Public Safety and police practices in the areas of patrol, communications/dispatching, emergency medical/first responder services, investigation and crime prevention, with an understanding and commitment to the principles of Community Policing.
• Strong human relations skills; an ability to analyze emergency and non-emergency situations and develop effective courses of action.
• Strong written and oral communication skills are required; knowledge of criminal laws, court procedures and alternative administrative practices.
• Demonstrated commitment to the mission of providing law enforcement and security services in a multi-cultural community that recognizes values and utilizes the individual differences and contributions of all people.
• Knowledge of problem-solving methods; ability to become familiar with the operating procedures of various Babson College departments such as Community Standards, Residence Life, Student Affairs, IT, Facilities and others with whom constant interaction is required.
• Security, health and safety, emergency medical or other safety related experience is recommended.
• Strong technology skills in the use of the Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS), Information Management Corporation's Records System (IMC), alarm access control and monitoring system (Ccure) as well as proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
Working Conditions:
Appointees must be willing to work flexible hours, schedules and overtime assignments.
Legal Requirements:
The Police Officer must obtain and retain authority as a special State Police Officer in accordance with Massachusetts General Law c. 22c sec. 63. The Police Officer must meet the educational and training academy requirements in order to be certified as a Special State Police Officer. The Police Officer must meet all the requirements of becoming a Special Police Officer in the Town of Wellesley. Possession and retention of a valid Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Operator's License, Firearms and/or Firearm Identification Licenses is required.
Special Requirements:
Appointees to the Police Officer position must successfully complete a one year probationary period. Permanent and continuing appointment is contingent upon successful completion of both mandatory and other such training programs designated by the Director of Public Safety. Appointees must be willing to work flexible hours, schedules and overtime assignments.
Mental and Physical Requirements:
Appointees to the Police Officer position should be in good mental and physical condition, and subject to psychological evaluations and drug testing as may from time to time be prescribed by the Director of Public Safety.
Minimum Education
Working Conditions
Additional Required Skills & Abilities
• Previous police experience, especially in a college or university police department is preferred.
• Specialized Public Safety related training and certifications are strongly desired.
Posting Detail Information

Open Date 08/16/2012

I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.
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Another college still being run by out of touch douche bags who see a firearm as an automatic threat to the STUDENT BODY and the FACULTY. As I'm always quick to point out, with all the random shootings of facutly, students and staff happening at the hands of armed campus police officers (and there's LOTS of these incidents) I can't say I blame them. Plus, carrying a fire arm changes the dynamics of the student/police relationship.

I know of one college where on Monday the cops were unarmed. The students and the cops had a very close friendly relationship and often had softball games together, cookouts during parent visits and would occassionall sing "Kumbaya" around bonfires in the fall. On Tuesday they started carrying guns and at midnight on the nose, the students began to get the shakes and many sobbed uncontrollably whenever an officer was nearby. Faculty would run screaming away at the approach of an officer that, just the day before they had hugged and given a flower to. Cruisers were labled "Death Squad Transports" and safety talks were called UNsafety talks. Several students were caught breaking into their own dorms rather than call an officer to assist when they were locked out. On two occassions officers asked students for ID cards and the students began to sweat uncontrollably and proned out on the ground screaming "DON'T SHOOT! FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T SHOOT!" even though a firearm was never even touched during the encounter. The saddest event was when a student told his father, a police officer himself in a large city nearby, that he never feared for his life more than when he was near a campus officer, and this kid grew up in a gang infested neighborhood. He had a nervous breakdown when the officers offered him a ride on a rainy night and committed suicide two days later.

And this school was.....?


With that said, Good luck to all who apply.

Side/similar story. My son broke his wrist a few years ago and went to Winchester Hospital. This was about 2 weeks right after the Mass General shooting. I came from Superior Court (suit/tie etc) and walked through the E-Room to the waiting area. About 2 minutes later the head charge nurse and some security guard came over to me with some sort of firearm policy and wanted me to give them my Sig. Well I had a small private discussion in another room with the both of them (which she didn't like) and for some reason my weapon never left my hip. Some people just need a little help getting their heahs removed from their asses. College administrators are amongst those in need of serious help.
I served a protective order on a patient at the secured lockdown section at Quincy Mental Health several years ago, and the receptionist told me I had to surrender my weapon before I was buzzed through (I was on-duty and in uniform). I asked to see her LTC, and got the confused puppy look. I then told her I'd be happy to give her my gun, at which point I would arrest her for unlawful carrying.

My gun stayed with me.

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Ahhh, Babson, where they teach supervisors how to "supervise" in a two week long waste of time.

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Colorful comments and stories aside, this could be a good opportunity to join an up and coming department. They have a new Command Staff that is trying to move them in the right direction.

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Colorful comments and stories aside, this could be a good opportunity to join an up and coming department. They have a new Command Staff that is trying to move them in the right direction.
You might want to speak to some N.U. Officers about that...

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I know several kids who worked at Babson over the years. Back in Chief Jacksons time and since, they have ALWAYS been a professional and well trained group. Bottom line is that there is NO EXCUSE for them not being armed when Wellesley College practically down the street is...
How gay can a job be that requires full MPOC, yet won't arm you? ULTRA GAY!
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Some of our supervisors went to the 2-week Babson course, and many of them are the micro-managing, show up at your calls, or "call 5830 ASAP" types.
Well someone has to make sure if the patrol officers are wearing their hats or ties.
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