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Greetings all,
Just a quick heads up if your campus department gets a phone call from me.

On behalf of my director, I am calling Massachusetts Campus Police/Public Safety/Security departments across the state to inquire about staffing levels.

The reason for my call(s) is to compare staffing levels for college agencies around the state against my own departments staffing level. My department is understaffed and need to show it. I'm not asking about patrol procedures or shift manpower levels, only general questions in regards to overall departmental staffing.

What I am asking, you ask?
Here are my questions:
Does your department have a....
1- Chief
2- Captain
3- Lieutenant
4- Sergeant (CPOII)
5- Patrol Officer (CPOI)
6- Institutional Security Supervisor (CPOII) (Non-Sworn)
7- Institutional Security Officer (ISOI) (Non-Sworn)
8- Dispatcher(s)
9- Security Assistant (Non-sworn Part-Time)
10- Student Workers
11- Part Time Staff (General workers)
12- Parking Lot Attendant(s)
13- On-Campus Shuttle Van Driver(s)
Lastly, Campus Population - Students + Staff + Faculty = X

I know in these post 9-11 times, a voice on the phone asking how many officers your department employees can be a bit discomforting. However, I ALWAYS offer a call back number for the person on the other end of the phone to call me if they have any doubts or concerns regarding my inquiry.

So, if I haven't contacted your campus department, feel free to give ma a call at 413-552-2400 or e-mail me at [email protected]

Thanks and work safe,
Sergeant Richard H. Wheeler
Holyoke Community College Police Department

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Sgt_110";p="50521 said:
Thank you to all who responded to my request for information.
The informatuion was forwarded and we'll see how things turn out.

Hey Sarge!

Good job you old barrel-chested, sausage-fingered fart you!
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