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Calling all nerds- MATH QUESTION related to speeding

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Can someone tell me the formula to use to equate speed in MPH to how many feet it will take in stopping distance? Thanks in advance
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Speaking of all this stopping distance... Not too long ago I went to a roll over call on the pike... The operator amazingly survived and somehow was jammed between the back seat and drivers seat.. Car rolled at least 2 times before stopping 190 feet from where she struck the guard rail (thanks to LIDAR). When I pulled on scene I was looking for bodies in the road, I thought there was no way someone could have remained in the car after something like this.. Wish I had my Camera that day.

Just thought I'd share that...
Yeah I noticed that many of the troopers know reconstruction stuff as good as I tie my shoes. It's like basic math for them.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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