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I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.
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If someone I loved were killed in a car crash and and an unborn baby also died (even after being delivered) I'd be very distraught. The lack of charges at first would piss me off to no end and in my state of mind, I might think terrible things. Bottom line, I empathize with the caller.

HOWEVER: This asshole lost all credibility with me when he threatened that GANGS would be out hunting troopers. REALLY? As mad, depressed and distraught as I may be, I'd understand the reality that, this is how it is. It may NOT be the driver's fault. I may hate him forever, I may wish terrible things on him, but legally he may NOT be at fault.

I grant you, the caller probably has very little legal knowledge, so I take that into consideration and thank GOD the RISP is in alert.

But over all, in the long run, I'd dismiss the call as emotional distress.

Again, thank GOD the RISP is on high alert, just in case.
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