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(Murrieta, California) In August 2008, 28-year-old Vista Murrieta High School English teacher Crissy Torcella Hisey pleaded guilty in accordance with an agreement with the prosecution to 10 counts of oral copulation with a female student under the age of 18.

Today in Riverside County Superior Court, Judge John Monterosso sentenced Hisey to three years of probation. A charge of distribution or exhibition of lewd material to a minor was dismissed.

Hisey was also ordered to to spend weekends in jail for a total of 118 days. Registration as a sex offender was not imposed.

Riverside County has established a very progressive precedent for cases where teachers engage in oral copulation with students. For those teachers that don't mind a few weekends in jail, go for it. Of course, the policy may not apply for male teachers. Check the local rules.

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Female Teacher and Female Student Naughty
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(Murrieta, California) A 28-year-old English teacher at Vista Murrieta High School, Crissy Torcella Hisey, was arrested this week for allegedly engaging in sex with a 17-year-old female student.

Hisey faces potential charges of molestation of a minor, oral copulation by force and sending harmful matter to seduce a minor.

She was booked into custody at the Southwest Detention Center and released on $25,000 bail. Arraignment is scheduled for May 30.

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Before I even read the article I knew it would be a woman....always a double standard..since they say females mature faster than males you would think they would be harsher on a woman that does this...
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