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Former Maywood police officer Ryan West is accused of sexually assaulting three women while on duty, NBC4 reported.
He has been fired from the Maywood Police Department and remains free on bail, NBC4 reported.
In addition to sexual assault charges, West has been named in at least one of several police brutality lawsuits filed against Maywood Police Department, according to NBC4.
"This is one of the worst departments I've ever seen," defense attorney Ralph Rios said.
Rios accused Maywood police of beatings involving civil rights violations, NBC4 reported.
"Changes have been implemented in this department since I've been here, and I’m going to continue to do that," Maywood Police Department Chief Frank Hauptmann said.
Hauptmann said he can't comment on any pending litigation but said his department is polishing its tarnished image to regain community confidence.

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