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Two El Dorado County sheriff's deputies who sparked widespread controversy by suing the mother of a man involved in a shootout with those deputies are dropping their lawsuit, according to a court document.
KCRA 3 has confirmed Deputy John Yaws and investigator Greg Murphy are dropping their $38 million lawsuit against the widow of a man killed by his own son.
In return for dropping their lawsuit, the two lawmen will receive no money and will give up their right to re-file this lawsuit any time in the future.
On June 5, 2007, Yaws, Murphy and a third deputy were injured in a shootout with El Dorado county resident Eddie Mies in Shingle Springs.
The deputies were called to his father's home after Mies shot and killed his father, Arthur Mies, authorities said.
Both Yaws and Murphy sued Eddie Mies' mother, and the widow of Arthur Mies, for gunshot wounds and for "severe mental and emotional distress" suffered in the incident.
Shortly after news of the lawsuit became public, widespread criticism emerged. El Dorado County Sheriff Jeff Neves called the lawsuit an "embarrassment to law enforcement." County supervisor Ron Briggs told a reporter citizens are "appalled."
Phillip Mastagni, the attorney for the deputies, declined to offer a comment.

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