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The Associated Press

RIALTO, Calif. - Rialto police say a rookie officer was accidentally shot in the leg when a gun fell from the pants of a 17-year-old he was searching, struck the ground and discharged.
Lt. Joe Cirilo says the shooting took place shortly after 10:30 p.m. Sunday outside the Renaissance Village apartments on North Glenwood Avenue.
Two officers were on foot patrol because of recent shootings in the area and came upon a group of juveniles.
Cirilo says that while one officer was patting down a 17-year-old, a handgun fell through the teen's shorts, hit the ground and fired.
The bullet passed through the officer's lower left leg.
Cirilo says the wounded officer is in good condition at a local hospital.
The officer is in his 20s and has been with the department about a year.
Cirilo says the 17-year-old faces a charge of possessing a loaded firearm.

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