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Discussion in 'Dispatch / Communications' started by LGriffin, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    I dispatched before I got on the job and was recently advised that you poor souls no longer have a #9 button to send idiots to the prerecorded message which advises them that 911 is for emergency purposes only, not incorrect orders at the drive-thru. In an effort to ease your pain, I found a way for you to combat this issue.

    Maybe your Chief will let you pick your favorite officer to do the commercial when funds are appropriated for this over equipment and training. ;)

    Here's Franklin PD's Public Service Announcement designed to prevent unnecessary 911 calls:
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  2. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    I copied the web address and intend to send this to my dispatchers, I know they'll love it. What's sad is, I was going to type the number in as the subject of the e-mail, and in spite of how often he sang that number I had to go back and reread it twice before I got it right! (it didn't take much to write those lyrics, but DAMN that's a good song!)
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  3. Johnny Law

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    I remember the good (really) old, days when 911 rang on a 5 trunk business line phone. To answer it, you had to push whatever trunk line button that was lit up, and the button reminded me of what it would be like to launch missiles against the USSR. It had this positive detention that "clicked" when activated.

    Anyway, you'd get some kids calling 911 from a pay phone or some asshole would keep calling you with stupid shit. You could actually put that person on HOLD, whether they were still on the line or not. That would lock their phone out from any dial tone or ability to call ANYONE, as long as they were on hold.

    Ahhh, the good old days. When you could do cool shit like that, when you knew who your enemies in the world were, when gas was under a buck a gallon and you could drive monster gas guzzlers and still get a half tank for $5, when you could go to your Dr for a $5 co pay, and when any aches and pains you did have were mostly resolved with a good nights sleep.
  4. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Nostalgia is a wonderful thing.

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