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LACOOCHEE, FLORIDA- A Pasco County deputy, shot during a burglary call, may have been saved by his business cards.
The sheriff's office says two deputies were responding to Sam's Quick Mart in the 39000 block of State Road 575 in Lacoochee just after 10 p.m. Thursday night.
The deputies spotted the burglar, who apparently entered the store through an air conditioning vent, and the man opened fire.
One of the bullets struck Deputy Jeffrey Chandler, 31, in his breast pocket, striking his metal business card holder.
Deputy Chandler, a two year veteran, was wearing a bullet-proof vest, but investigators say the bullet didn't get that far because of the card holder. They also believe the store front glass and a metal shield covering the glass helped slow down the bullet.
Sheriff Bob White says he's amazed Deputy Chandler walked away unharmed. "I think we're all breathing a sigh of relief tonight that he was not, he was not wounded," White said, "And certainly we thank the good Lord he wasn't killed."
A manhunt is underway for the shooter. Deputies only have a vague description of him, but consider him armed and dangerous.
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