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Burglars cut hole in roof of pharmacy to steal drugs

SWAMPSCOTT, Mass. -- Police are looking for the burglars who are responsible for cutting a hole into the roof of a local pharmacy and stealing prescription drugs.
The incident happened at the Walgreens store in the Swampscott Mall at 450 Paradise Road over the weekend.
Police said they have no idea how the suspects scaled the walls of the Walgreens building, but once they got on the roof, it is clear they used a power tool to saw a hole through the sheet metal.
The suspects then lowered themselves into the pharmacy. A second hole about the same size was discovered in the wall of the store, according to police.
"Any time someone goes to that extreme you have to wonder just how dangerous they could be if you were to come in contact with them," said a concerned Walgreens customer.
Police also are investigating a burglary that happened last week at a building on Broadway in Lawrence. Thieves broke into three businesses through a hole in the roof. Similar burglaries have been reported in Salem, Haverhill and Lynn.
Anyone with information is asked to call Swampscott detectives at 781-595-1111.
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