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Burglar gift-wrapped for police

A thief with his hands, feet and ankles tightly wrapped with duct tape was handed over to city cops after neighbours of a north Edmonton homeowner sprang in to action during a break in.
"More or less he was gift-wrapped for the police," said Dan Barsotti, who came home July 16 and found two men carrying electronics from his house near 140 Street and 151 Avenue to a waiting car.
Barsotti, a medical device distributor, was between sales calls that day. He was on his way to St. Albert and decided to swing by his house to pick up some brochures and other items.
But when he approached his home from the back alley, he noticed a black Ford Escape parked directly in front of his garage.
He didn't think much of it since the area is always busy with several nearby construction projects going on.
When he opened the garage door, however, the driver of the black car immediately pulled over to the right hand side of his neighbour's garage.
That's when he noticed the two men inside his house carrying his belongings.
"I jumped out of my car and ran to my house where I found these two men with their hands full of electronics such as a laptop, a PlayStation and everything else," said Barsotti.
"I startled them by yelling at them. They both took off running out of our front door."
As he chased one of the thieves down the street, he screamed, "My house just got robbed! Call police!"
About six to eight of his neighbours came out of their homes, several of them calling police.
Barsotti caught up with one hoodlum about five houses down, just after the man was about to jump a fence.
"I literally dragged him off the fence, wrestled and fought for a little bit."
By the time he subdued and pinned the man to the ground, another neighbour came with a roll of duct tape and hog-tied the man. That's when the police arrived.
The other bandit fled in the black car with a large flat-screen television, some CDs and DVDs.
Jeff Wuite, city police spokesman, said cops are still hunting for two other suspects - a man and a woman.

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When I was growing up we lived in a rather un developed part of town and it became a hot spot for b&e's. All of the houses but ours were broken into during that time. My father credits that to the fact we used to breed and raise Dobermans. That and it would have been ill advised due to the fact my father trained us all with the firearms in the res at young ages.
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