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Dear BVP Applicant:

The FY 2005 Bulletproof Vest Program will open for new applications on Monday, January 10, 2005. We will accept online applications at until Thursday, March 10, 2005. Funding decisions will then be made by May and you should have access to new funds in June.

As you know, this program is non-competitive, so you may apply at any time during this open period. You will be asked to update your registration and banking information, and ensure the Pre-Application Vest Profile is complete and accurate. Your law enforcement agencies will not be able to apply until the Profile is updated.

The BVP Act of 2000 requirement that BJA give funding priority to jurisdictions with populations under 100,000 residents is still in effect and will govern funding decisions. However, last year, funds were sufficient to support 10% of the total application values from jurisdictions at or over 100,000 residents, so we encourage all applicants to apply.

BJA is instituting a new policy that will allow you to use the value of a manufacturer or distributor discount on a vest purchase price as a third party contribution towards your 50% match requirement when one of the following conditions is met: the same make and model vest was sold at a higher price to another state or local government agency within the last 12 months; or, the final vest price was discounted by the manufacturer or distributor as part of a special exchange, replacement, or recall program to address potentially defective vests. To use this option, you will be asked for the original market price and the (discounted) invoice price when making a payment request through the online BVP application system. If this applies to you now, you may want to delay submitting any further payment requests until this option becomes available in January 2005. We will keep you posted on its progress.

As always, the BVP Team stands ready to assist you with Internet, application, or program issues or questions. We can be reached toll free at 1.877.75VESTS (1.877.758.3787), or by email at [email protected]. If you have difficulty with the toll-free number, please call (toll) 1.301.595.4595.

Thank you,

The BVP Team
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