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Buffalos save woman from bear

Five water buffalos saved their owner in China by hitting and driving away a bear.
Luo Fengju, 55, of Chengning town, Yunnan, was attacked by a black bear as she was about to return home with the buffalos.

"I was collecting my field tools when I suddenly heard a noise. When I looked up, the bear was already standing before me," she told the
Chuncheng Evening Post.

Luo said the bear took a swipe at her face and knocked her to the ground.
She tried to crawl away while calling for help: "But the bear rushed over and caught my right leg. I thought I was going to die."

However, the five water buffalos, which were grazing nearby, suddenly dashed over and attacked the bear.
"The bear let go of me and was growling at the buffalos, trying to scare them off," said Luo.

The buffalos formed a circle around Luo, and one of them butted the bear with its horns, forcing it to retreat.
"Without the five of them, I don't know what would have happened. I am 55-years-old, how could I possibly fight with a bear?"

Villagers said when they arrived the buffalos were still surrounding their owner, who was covered in blood.
The buffalos are now being treated as heroes and being given extra food.
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