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(Cologne, Germany) The manager of one of Cologne's most famous brothels, Pascha, offers free lifelong entry to men in exchange for getting their arms tattooed with the brothel's logo.

Prostitute Diana waits for customers at Pascha
Manager Armin Lobscheid expected few takers but "learned his lesson" as dozens of men lined up to take advantage of the offer.

Customer Herbert Manske didn't hesitate to get the six large blue letters imprinted on his arm.
"My wife doesn't mind. I save five euros entry, plus the thirty euro cost of a lap dance," he said.

"And apart from that I get free drinks all night and can look at all the pretty girls. She knows that me and my friends go once a month to party in the Pascha."​
Understandably, Pascha's tattoo artist is flooded with work. On the other hand, I'm flooded with astonishment. Thirty euros for a lap dance!!!
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