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Let's hope this really is applied impartially. A lot of "anti-Zionist" Leftists could get caught, but I suppose they won't. "Anti-Zionist" is such a thin excuse for antisemitism. Only a small minority of Israelis are Zionists

"Preachers of hate who have been banned from entering the UK face being "named and shamed" by the Government as part of the Prime Minister's promise to take stronger action against those accused of stirring up community tension. Jacqui Smith will tell MPs today that foreigners could be banned from the country forever unless they can persuade the Government they are no longer preaching hate. They will be expected to make a public renunciation saying they no longer preach hate or violent extremism. The move will affect Islamic exremists and others including neo-Nazis and animal rights activists.

A total of 230 people have been excluded from entering the country since August 2005 on suspicion that they are a threat to national security or foster and promote extremism. Among those barred from coming into the UK are 79 individuals, including preachers of hate, barred for "unacceptable" behaviours.

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