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Breast Pump Bandits

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL -- Port St. Lucie, Florida police are looking for two
Coral Springs men who they suspect stole more than four dozen breast
pumps from a local Babies "R" Us store.

Police first arrested John Grassano and Sean Loychik for shoplifting last
month at a Babies "R" Us store.

A store manager recognized them as the same men who had stolen four
breast pumps earlier in the month.

Grassano first told investigators he took the breast pumps for his pregnant

When asked why he need four, he explained he sells the rest on eBay.

Port St. Lucie police have reviewed surveillance video from the store and
determined that the pair may have stolen as many as 51 breast pumps
during 12-13 store visits.

All told, police say the stolen breast pumps are worth roughly $15,000.

Police plan to file additional charges against the men.

A spokesperson for Babies "R" Us had no comment on the alleged crime.

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Maybe they are trying to start up a breast milk ice cream company and need them for the production line!
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