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Ex-con, 45, did time for drug dealing

By Dennis Tatz
The Patriot Ledger

Police watching a house on Faxon Street in Braintree for possible drug activity ended up arresting a 45-year-old ex-con on several charges in connection with the sale of narcotics.
It wasn't the first time Robert J. Cabral had been arrested on drug charges.
In 2000, a police officer responding to a burglar alarm at Cabral's home at 66 Faxon St. found an open door and about 150 grams of cocaine on a desk, along with drug packaging paraphernalia. Detectives later got a search warrant and discovered a gun and nearly $32,000 in cash.
Cabral, who had served a stint behind bars for an earlier drug dealing conviction, was ordered to serve six to eight years in state prison after admitting to drug and weapons charges in Norfolk Superior Court in 2002.
"Cabral's past history and the number of pills found in his possession during his arrest and the subsequent search of his home makes this a significant arrest," Deputy Chief Russell Jenkins said Thursday. "From all appearances he was running a pretty good size drug business."
This time detectives were outside Cabral's residence shortly before 5 p.m. Wednesday when he showed up and met a 43-year-old Essex man who appeared to have been waiting outside.
The two men went into Cabral's residence.
The Essex man, whose name was not released because he has yet to be charged, was carrying a small black case when he left a short time later.
Police said the man rode off on a motorcycle and was stopped after turning onto Union Street.
Detectives Jeffrey Jernegan and Mark Sherrick confronted the man and asked if they could search his motorcycle for the case he carried out.
The man allegedly admitted to having pills in his bike bag.
The detectives found 50 OxyCodone pills and 50 OxyContin pills inside.
Police said the man also had $4,900 in cash that he claimed Cabral gave him in exchange for 100 80-milligram OxyContin pills.
The man also told detectives that Cabral was getting ready to leave his house, but would be back at about 8 p.m. with a quantity of OxyContin.
When Cabral returned home at 7:20 p.m. police arrested him.
Police said Cabral was in possession of 29 80-milligram OxyContin pills and $265.
After obtaining a search warrant, detectives discovered an additional 120 80-milligram OxyContin pills, 27 Suboxone pills, other pills, and $3,500 in cash, police said.
Cabral is charged with drug trafficking, possession of OxyContin with intent to distribute, possession of drugs in a school zone and conspiracy.
The Essex man is expected to be charged with possession of OxyCondone and OxyContin with intent to distribute and conspiracy to violate state drug laws.
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