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Infection Delays Quarterback's Rehab

BOSTON -- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady suffered a serious and potentially life-threatening infection after surgery to repair his damaged knee, The Boston Globe reported Tuesday.

Brady suffered a post-operative staph infection after surgery in California last month to replace a torn ligament. If not caught quickly and treated properly, such infections can threaten a patient's life, the newspaper reported.

Photos: Brady Through The Years

Staph is a common postoperative infection and while it was caught early and treated aggressively, it could delay Brady's recovery. Brady is being treated with intravenous antibiotics, the Globe reported.

Surgeons also washed out the infection with antibiotics during several procedures.

Doctors interviewed by the newspaper said the fact that Brady was seen in a wheelchair weeks after the surgery was a sign of problems.

Brady, who saw Patriots team doctors in Boston recently, must wait until the infection clears before he can begin rehabilitation.

"I've seen great surgeries go bad, go horrible with bad rehab," Dr. Lonnie Paulos, who performed knee reconstruction on Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, told the newspaper. "I've seen marginal surgeries salvaged with great rehab. Rehab is probably every bit as important as the surgery itself. The whole surgical technique is designed to enhance rehab."

The patella tendon graft was inserted to replace his torn ACL during surgery performed by Dr. Neal ElAttrache on Oct. 6.

Brady was spotted in Boston Friday night at an event for SmartWater. Brady is a commercial spokesman for the company.

The Boston Herald reported that Brady "hobbled" into the event and was described as "looking thin."

Brady was injured in September during the team's first game of the season.
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