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By Benjamin Bell and Peter Gelzinis | Sunday, July 20, 2008 |

A 24-year-old female Boston police officer with family members on the force died last night from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at her home in South Boston, police said.
"This is a tragedy. We have a very young female officer who took her life. There is no story here. We don't know why. The family is devastated. I'm devastated. I personally know this girl," an unnerved BPD Superintendent in Chief Robert Dunford told reporters and bystanders at the scene. "I have no explanation."

Dunford refused to name the officer, but multiple law enforcement sources identified her as Kaitlyn Elizabeth Keaney, a member of the department's 2006 graduating class. Keaney is a member of an extended family of Boston police officers, and her father in a cop in South Boston, the sources said.

Swarms of policemen descended on 431 East 6th Street, a quiet part of South Boston that was thrust into a maelstrom of police lights, squad cars, anguished cops and stunned neighbors. By midnight much of 6th Street was cordoned off.

A solemn-looking Boston police Chief Edward F. Davis III also went to the scene. He declined to comment but circulated among officers and neighbors offering quiet condolences. Davis spent much of his time soothing many young women who stood about in tears.

A cluster of people who appeared to be family, friends and neighbors of the dead officer exchanged embraces and broke down in tears at the scene.

"Don't tell me this. This ain't real," moaned a woman who had just rushed to the scene and ducked under the police tape that was cordoning off the two-family home where the death occurred.

One onlooker, Charles Atherton, said he was unsure of the details but knew something horrible had happend. "I saw the lights while at my computer so I came from my house on G Street to see what was going on," said the 49-year-old. "I saw them bring the stretcher out, but then they just put it back."

- [email protected] O'Ryan Johnson contributed to this report.

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Terrible. Sometimes us veterans can forget how difficult this job can be on cops who are just starting out their careers. I see people say "stay safe" and "watch out for each other". Please don't just say that because it seems like the right thing to say; say it because you mean it and intend to practice it.

RIP. My condolences to the BPD, her family, her friends and I can only hope she escaped whatever might have bothered her.

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My condolences to the family and police family and friends of this young woman. So sad to have such a thing happen. I agree with MM, stay safe and watching each other is great thing, please mean it. I should tell the guys more, not just when they are going on a hairy call. So all you guy and gals out there, STAY SAFE, I mean it.

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How sad to lose such a young officer to self destruction. Twenty-four is far too young to be dealing with issues that would exact such an act.

May God give her family comfort and may there be a comforting reason offered for this tragedy. Hopefully, BPD will learn the pre-action symptoms and can utilize the information for future training purposes.


I used to work with this officer's uncle....what a tragedy. A permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Someone directed me to the Craigslist "Rants & Raves" section, and the comments there about this both sickened me and made me want to punch my monitor. The anonymous nature of the Internet brings out the worst in some people.

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Hundreds gather to mourn death of young Southie cop

By Herald staff
Saturday, July 26, 2008 -

Photo by Ted Fitzgerald
Mourners are filled with emotion yesterday during the funeral Mass for Boston Police officer Kaitlyn Keaney-Loan at St. Monica-St. Augustine parish.

Hundreds of police from across the city and around the region paid tearful respects yesterday at a funeral Mass for a young South Boston police officer known for her beaming smile and devotion to her close-knit circle of girlfriends.
Officer Kaitlyn E. Keaney-Loan, 24, who had been on the force for less than two years, killed herself last Saturday night at her home, according to Boston police.
Solemn cops, many of them classmates who graduated with Keaney-Loan from the Boston Police Academy in 2006, formed a crisp honor guard outside her home parish of St. Monica-St. Augustine.

Family members, among them Keaney-Loan's mother, Kathleen, and father, John F. Loan Jr., himself a Boston police officer, were comforted by a wide circle of friends, relatives and cops spanning several generations, some of whom recalled Keaney-Loan as a bubbly baby or outgoing teenager.
Her death has unsettled friends and neighbors who knew Keaney-Loan as a warm-hearted young woman always eager to hear how those around her were doing.
Many mourners have posted notes of love and condolence on Internet sites and message boards dedicated to the officer's memory.
"Kaitlyn I love you so much. You are such a great friend and an unbelievable person. i miss you so much babygurl!! Love you always and forever," Meghan O'Rourke of South Boston wrote on the Web site.
Keaney-Loan was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Dorchester.
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