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Boylston Academy MA

Discussion in 'Academy Information' started by harperdanny1234, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. harperdanny1234

    harperdanny1234 New Member


    I’m just here trying to find out some information about the academy. I know things are different this time around but was looking for advice or anything of that nature. Thank you for the feedback.

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  2. RTBeast

    RTBeast MassCops Member

    The part-time or FT academy? Either way it's your typical MA police academy.. aka nothing too difficult.. for the most part.
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  3. harperdanny1234

    harperdanny1234 New Member

    Full time academy.

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  4. Joel98

    Joel98 MassCops Member

    Nothing special or different about it, just a regular MA academy.

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