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Boy, 5, blew £60,000 ($105,604,800) at shops

A five-year-old boy went on a £60,000 shopping spree after finding a
fortune in cash in his dad's safe.

The boy took a gang of friends to a shopping mall and blew the lot on
clothes, toys, bicycles, sweets, computers and games.

His father Slobodan Markovic, a Serbian businessman, kept the money in a
safe at home, only realised what had happened when his son and his
friends came home with dozens of shopping bags.

He said: "I must have forgotten to lock the safe and he just saw the
money and took it. I have asked the police to investigate because it is
unbelievable that the shop owners let such a young boy do this."

A Belgrade police spokesman confirmed they are investigating Djodja
Markovic's spending spree.
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