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Boy, 14, tied up and robbed in Boston home

BOSTON -- A 14-year-old boy was the victim of a home invasion in Boston Thursday.
Anthony Mendez said he was getting ready for school when someone knocked on the door at his Patterson Way home in South Boston. When he asked who it was, the suspect said that he was with the Boston Housing Authority.
When the boy opened the door, he said the masked suspect came in with a knife. He tied him up with duct tape, covering his eyes and shoving a bandana in his mouth.
Police said the masked man picked Mendez up and put him on his bed and asked where the money and drugs were.
"I said there are no money or drugs and said I don't know what you are talking about," Mendez said. "And then he threatened me saying he had my mom in the car downstairs."
The house was ransacked. The suspects made off with about $600 and the boy's laptop.
Mendez said the suspect told him to count to 30 and they would be gone.
Then, the 14-year-old took the duct tape off and then went to living room where he called his mother, father and the police.
Mendez said he heard someone else whispering in the house while his eyes were covered.
Police are looking for two suspects and are asking anyone with information to contact the Boston Police Department at 617-343-4500.
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